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Share with me.  I'll share with you.

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. The World Stuttering Network (WSN) emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the stuttering community, and a desire for all the best ideas to be shared freely. Established in 2020, we’re an organization driven to seek out fresh ideas, effective methods and useful resources, then share them with the world!   Contact us to learn more and get involved.

WSN does not have their own support groups.  We help you to build your own!

Group Students Smilling
Radio Show


Check out WSN featured appearances:

Jamie Googan meets
President Biden
on St. Patrick's Day!

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Reach out if your organization would like to learn more or spread the word about support for people who stutter.

Sam makes the news!

Sam Wiggins, Chairman of the WSN Youth Committee, was featured on the news for a 10 minute spotlight educating others about stuttering.  This news story includes special guests and a surprise pop-in from Sam's favorite celebrity.  Way to go, Sam!

Schneider Speech Conversation

Uri Schneider, MA, CCC-SLP interviews Tom Scharstein about covert stuttering, confidence and WSN.  

Tune in to hear a great conversation! 

Stuttering for Good

Host Ali Lewellen discusses WSN and Stutter Block Party with Tom Scharstein and Marvin Wiley Jr.  Listen in as they chat about stuttering, perseverance, team building and leadership. 

ISAD 2020 Conference

The International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference featured the WSN launch video letting the world know what we do!  

ISAD is a remarkable resource for PWS all around the world.  Take a look!

Sam Wiggins

Sam's poem "I have a stammer" went viral and was viewed all around the world!  He encouraged kids and adults everywhere to be brave, educate others and ROCK their stammer!

Hearts will melt watching these kids share in reciting his poem.

More to come!

Check back for more appearances by WSN.

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